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The Twelve

The Sage

A character with the gift of discernment and wisdom. One who can impart knowledge and insight to others, The Sage has accumulated knowledge and experience over time, making them a valuable guide for others.

The Ruler

A lawful authority who governs others through powerful means. Strong-willed and decisive, The Ruler won’t hesitate to make decisions, regardless of what others think. Their goal: to maintain and enhance their power, by any means necessary.

The Outlaw

A defiant rebel with conviction. Discontent with the status-quo. Outlaws are pioneers and innovators. They are willing to take chances and make changes that others fear.

The Magician

A mysterious and Almighty character that enchants us with their powers. A brand whose strengths are omniscience, omnipotence, and discipline, The Magician will be seen as a magical force at work in the world.

The Lover

A seeker of beauty and grace. Full of conviction, The Lover is brave enough to go against convention. They are positive, courageous, and inspirational because they see love as a universal force.

The Jester

The Jester speaks truth for the disenfranchised, and their jokes are directed at those in authority. Brands that act as a Jester appeal not to the reason and logic center of our brains, but to the emotional center of our gut. But this has a dark side: A Jester must keep the audience laughing. Otherwise, it’s off with their head.

The Innocent

An upright character. Blameless in both intentions and in deeds. The Innocent wants a more honest and transparent way to do business, so that everyone shares in the rewards for their contributions.

The Hero

The protagonist who is victorious over struggles and trials. The Hero is a beacon of hope for generations of citizens who feel uncertain about their future or struggle in their daily lives. Perhaps they, too, are on a hero’s journey.

The Explorer

A seeker of the unknown and undiscovered. The Explorer sees the world as a series of uncharted lands and hidden mysteries, each waiting for their discovery. A brand that is constantly searching for new experiences and eager to share them with others, The Explorer seeks to change the world around them.

The Everyman

An approachable character, taken for granted. Always within reach, always there for us, from cradle to grave. This is The Everyman.

The Creator

Creator: The parent of new ideas, visions, and realities. The Creator is a visionary and a dreamer, who pursues their goals with unwavering dedication. Creators live in the realm of ideas and imagination.

The Caregiver

The self-sacrificing protector of others. Brands that hold this archetype are driven to ensure that others are safe, nurtured, and cared for in every way. They are often viewed as trustworthy and loyal brands by customers — who often take them for granted.

Archetypes is a coffee table book for those who work in eCommerce, retail, creators, or marketplaces.

The 240-page, perfect-bound Archetypes Journal features 12 Archetypes, 5 in-depth exclusive interviews, stunning original art and photography.
The matte cover is blind-embossed with a custom type treatment of The Twelve. Printed on a combination of 100lb Cougar matte stock and vellum, the journal is a weighty 2-pound tome that is a beautiful addition to your coffee table, entryway, or bookshelf.

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